Organic vs. Non-organic Tampons

Kait, are you really going there?!

You bet your little booty I am.

This is a thing, and yet, I just found out about this whole situation only last year. As a woman, I feel like we should all know the facts about non-organic tampons.

I am actually STUNNED that my ob-gyn has never brought it up.

You may be totally happy with your routine and regimen and want to continue using your trial-tested, fail-proof tampons.

I feel ya.

You don’t want to have to worry about having to try out new things at the expense of an opportunity for an embarrassing moment.

But let’s face the facts here, this is something we need to invest time into. For most of us, we put something foreign into our bodies EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Every single month, for the majority of our lives!

That is a big deal!!

With such a small change, we can have huge effects to our daily health.


So why is it important to use organic tampons vs. non-organic?


Regular tampons that you’ve probably been using are made with conventionally grown cotton, which is sprayed with pesticide.

That’s right, you’re putting harmful chemicals UP IN there.

Most people know the effects of ingesting pesticide and have decided to go all organic with their produce, but don’t realize how expansive the pesticide reach truly is.

It’s in our clothing, furniture, and pretty much anything made with fabric.

True story, I met a sweet friend for coffee the other day. I hadn’t been able to catch up with her for some time. I asked her how she was doing and how her little girl was. She spent almost thirty minutes telling me this whole story about how sick her daughter has been for the past year. How she has spent so much of her savings going from doctor to doctor. Finally, a holistic doctor figured out that her precious girl didn’t have the ability to release and detox toxins from her body. So everything that she had been touching that had harsh chemicals on it, she was harboring in her body with no way to escape.

My friend had to change out everything. PJs, mattresses, car seats – all to organic.

That’s obviously an extreme case. But I think there’s something to be said about how her body was getting so sick from those chemicals because of the daily exposure to them.


Most regular tampon brands also add fragrance to their product.

Why they feel like you need to make your area smell like a field of lavender during your cycle is beyond me.

Again, most people are very allergic to highly scented lotions and perfumes and have cut those things out of their daily routine.

They have known to invest in more naturally based products.

Growing up, my favorite store was Bath and Body Works. I actually worked there for a hot minute. That Warm Vanilla lotion, I could literally bathe in it. IT SMELLS LIKE CHRISTMAS Y’ALL.

But even at a young age, I knew I shouldn’t be putting it on my body all the time. Like something in me could tell that this can’t be good for me.

I pulled this from a site that states,

“According to the National Academy of Sciences, 95 percent of chemicals used in fragrant products today are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, including known toxins capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.”

No, thank you. Not worth smelling like coconuts and sea salt.

Btw, most all generic tampon brands bleach their products.

Imagine pouring bleach onto a paper towel and then putting it into your body and letting it sit there for hours.

It not only harms our bodies, but it is proven to mess with our hormones!!

On a personal level, one of the first things I noticed after switching to organic is that my hormones regulating tremendously and I didn’t have such crazy mood swings.

And everyone said, PRAISE THE LORD.

Because the truth about toxic tampons is finally making it’s way to the general public, many companies carrying the torch and coming out with great, organic alternatives

Here are just a few brands:


Seventh Generation








Honest Co.



* My personal fave (I buy at Kroger) :





My best friend uses and swears by a new brand at Target called:




and there sooooooo many more options to choose from…

There’s even a youtube about how to make your own:

Sea Sponge DIY Tampons

(I have not tried, but hope to soon.)

One last little bit to win you over:

You can save $$$!

Most of these brands are either less expensive or cost the same amount as non-organic!

Sure, you may have to call around to some stors or check out a few places (possibly order in bulk online) but it’s SO worth it.



I got your back, girls.

We ARE empowered to make wise and healthy decisions for our bodies.

Hope this helps you. ❤



Most fully,





One thought on “Organic vs. Non-organic Tampons

  1. I feel organic tampons are very important!! I had gotten to a point where my period was so painful that I would literally shake from the pain. My muscles cramping so bad that they sounded like they were groaning, my coworkers thought my stomach was growling! I made that one change after reading how the tampon industry literally had no regulations and can put whatever they want in them and never have to list the ingredients!! That bath and body works lotion has to list them!!! After I made the change, my periods got better! I still cramp some but it’s normal and manageable. I use the L. Brand sold at target. They are literally the same price as Tampax. And now I tell anyone who will listen my story. So thanks for sharing yours 😘


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