Sarah Davis, Owner of SKD Ceramics

It’s the first weekend of fall, y’all! LOTS OF HAPPY!

Who else has already pulled out their pumpkin spice candles?

I wanted to bring in and celebrate this new season by sharing one the coolest #girlbosses I know,

Sarah Davis, Owner of SKD Ceramics.



A ceramic artist currently living in Tallahassee, Fl., she has a deep love for people, the environment, and using her hands to create.

She says,

“I create because I simply must.  I make functional ware for the home and body.  I am inspired by the colors and textures of the earth and aim for these two things to play a large role in my work.”


I am wearing one of Sarah’s gorgeous ceramic designs here!





Her piece is an essential to my fall wardrobe.

You can shop more of her designs HERE.

*All I’m saying is Christmas is right around the corner!!! Shop local, shop small, shop to support!


Ok, have you ever seen the movie Ghost and wanted nothing more in life than to start pottery after that one scene with Demi Moore?????


Sarah is real life Demi Moore.

Following her creative journey on Instagram feeds my soul. It’s beautiful to watch her shape, create, and mold earth into usable creations that are valuable to people.



Sarah’s Instagram: @Sarahdavisss



Sarah greatly inspires me and I hope you get to experience her goodness and enjoy some of her work.

So thankful for women like her who are boldly walking in their giftings and making this world a more aesthetically pleasing place…

simply by being who they are.


Most fully,







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