September’s Bounty

Eating seasonally is just plain smart.

When we eat what is being grown in season, we are not eating produce which has been forced to grow.

When plants are forced to grow, they are not as healthy and alive.

I just think God knew what He was doing.
He gave us certain foods to eat at certain times because He knew it would be what our bodies need in that season.
Certain vitamins, certain fibers, certain minerals.
So, I am determined to add more seasonal produce to my grocery list!!

I’m going to make it super easy for myself and anyone else endeavoring to do the same.

Once a month, I will post that month’s bounty and delicious – more importantly easy – recipes to go along with it.
Next time you make a trip to the grocers, make sure to pull up that month’s bounty post and grab exactly what you need.

September’s Bounty

*click on veggie/fruit for attached recipe

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