Five Questions to Help You Find Your Filter

Whether or not you know it, we all live by a set of standards and those standards determine the quality of our lives.

Here’s what I mean.

We have standards that define who we will and will not date, right?

We have standards we hold our friends to.

We have standards with our personal hygiene (hopefully).

We have food standards, work standards, leadership standards.

Standards are great and absolutely necessary to live a happy and balanced life.

However, not many people give even a second thought about how they spend their money.



Why is it important to have standards with how we spend our money?



I’m not talking about budgeting. (Which btw is awesome and i’m excited to learn more about in the future.)

I’m talking about the quality of which we purchase.

  • Is it ethically made?


  • Is it fair trade?


  • Does it support a cause-driven company?


  • Does it support local business?


  • Is it responsibly sourced?


Here are just a few examples of standards in which we can consider as we spend.

And if you’re like me, most likely you did not grow up thinking of such things.

My personal journey started a few years ago, as I started traveling more and more.  I saw downtown squares, in middle of nowhere USA, completely dilapidated and abandoned.

I witnessed how small businesses were directly impacted when the local community chose to channel their finances through larger corporations instead of supporting the local economy.

It sparked an interest in me.

As I began to research, I realized the damage of not being intentional with our money.

I learned about supporting local vs. chain restaurants.

Buying from local farmers vs. buying food shipped overseas.

I learned that I could wear beautiful clothing from companies that gave back to people in need.

I found out that feeding the corporate machine wasn’t our only option. And if we chose not to, there was an endless amount of options to choose from instead!

I recognize the struggles and red flags that go up when anyone talks about taking away  Target excursions.

I am not here to tell anyone to stop shopping at places that they enjoy!  I still shop at at Target and self-admittedly, Anthropologie is my happy place.

But I am here to tell you, you have options! I like options.

By taking small steps in a different direction, you have the possibility of adding beautiful quality to your life.

I know it is not the most convenient but my goodness, it is definitely rewarding in the end!

In future blogs, I plan to share more about where and what and how, so keep an eye out!

But first, I wanted to just lay a foundation for you to build on.

With advertisements spewing their agendas at us and the opportunity to buy and obtain something new at every corner, it is incredibly easy to get sucked into mainstream consumerism.

We all do it.

We all have been guilty of buying something we really didn’t need or even necessarily like, just because it was on sale.


Did you know that companies have studied the general public’s brain pattern and found out that just by making a sale tag the color red, we are more likely to pick it up and buy the item?!

Did you know that when you purchase something new, pretty, and shiny, a “happy chemical” called Seratonin is released in your brain?

The same chemical is released when your crush likes one of your Instagram pictures!

The same chemical is released when you watch a cute baby video!

The same chemical is released after you dominate a workout!

Although it seems like a lot to be up against,

say this with me:

I am in control of my dollaaaaa.

If you’re still not convinced, here is yet another great reason to have purchasing standards:

It helps you save!

You will be far less likely to impulse buy and indulge when you have filters in which you have to consider in the moment.

Here is a small example of that in my own life just today.

I was walking into a grocery store that had a Starbucks attached to it.

I really wanted some coffee in that moment so I started considering my filters, and my thought process went something like this:

Yesssss, flat white with coconut and 8 pumps of SUGAR. I NEED. But I do I really? It’s not supporting a small business. It’s most likely not fair trade. It is definitely not organic. I could go to a local coffee shop afterwards! OR I could just wait thirty minutes till I get home and make the fair trade, organic, and locally sourced coffee in my pantry. BINGO.

$5.00 stil in my bank account, y’all.



Here are five questions to help you find your filter:


1. What do I want my life to stand for? 


2. Can I justify this buying this?


3.  Do I really need this?


4. Is there a better, more ethical option?


5. Is this quality?



The conscious living journey is absolutely worth it.

We can do this.

Let’s just take baby steps, research, and start asking around.

I’m excited to share more about what i’ve learned already and please feel free to share any “ah ha” moments in the comments below.

We are all in this together, friends.


Most fully,


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